Zibo Jucos Co LTd is a globally operating supplier of high-grade refractory products, systems and services, which are indispensable to industrial high-temperature processes exceeding 1000 ℃. We combine global expertise and Chinese raw materials resources, aims to provide high quality refractory materials to serve the world's iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, cement, glass, incinerators, energy, ...


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zibo jucos refractory bricks
  • A basic technology today

    Refractory means that a material can be used at temperatures from about 600 °C up to about 1700 °C. Using alumina and magnesite-rich raw materials and minerals, bricks, castables, and shaped components are developed, which are matched precisely to the respective materials, temperatures, and processes. Thanks to this basic technology, modern industrial furnaces in the cement, steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, glass, and chemical industries worldwide are fitted with highly specialized refractory linings.

Zibo JUCOS Refractory Materials
Zibo JUCOS refractory bricks
  • Refractory is the future

    Superlative tall buildings, artificial islands, tunnels under the sea – all over the world, architects, engineers, and investors are implementing bold ideas and spectacular projects. New technologies make this possible. But also the structures of the 21st century are inconceivable without appropriate raw materials, without the use of fire and water, and without knowhow about reactions and bonds. Industrial furnaces are the starting point for all cement, steel, ceramic, and glass structures, and every aluminium, gold, and ceramic product. Therefore, refractory products will continue to be essential for all industrial furnaces worldwide.

  • Jucos target in refractory filed

    For all industries with extreme temperatures and working conditions, JUCOS is there for you. Combining a global network with local expertise, JUCOS offers customised solutions wherever you are: from Shaped and monolithic refractory and insulation material to a full range of engineering and installation services. Discover for your industry how JUCOS can help you achieve more.

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How are qualified refractories selected?


Refractory products after the completion of the firing process, we also have a crucial step, that is---finished product screeningWhy is "finished product screening" important?Imagine that fr ...

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