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JUCOS Refractories > Preheating Insulation Material > Insulation Ceramic Fiber & Soluble Textiles
  • Product Name: Insulation Ceramic Fiber & Soluble Textiles

  • Product Type: Preheating Insulation Material

  • Adding Time: 2018-12-20

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Product Details

Ceramic fiber & Bio-Soluble fiber textiles contain the rope ,tape,yarn and cloth, Jucos textiles are woven or braided from yarn consisting of fiber with approximately 20% organic fiber,inserted materials are reinforced into yarn and rope to increase the tensile strength of fiber,stainless steel inserts are available for obtaining maximum strength at high temperature, glass filament insert are used in applications where electrical resistance is required. Jucos fiber textiles have been a workable insulation materials for thermal gaskets and wrapping, its unique functions and features are gaining more popularity in the high temperature insulation application.

Features Of Insulation Ceramic Fiber & Soluble Textiles

  • High temperature resistance

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability

  • High tensile strength

  • Light weight

  • Convenient for processing and using

  • Dust-proof

  • Pollution resistance

Applications Of Insulation Ceramic Fiber & Soluble Textiles

  • External insulation layer for industrial furnaces, mechanical equipment and pipeline.     

  • Welding spark cloth for building, ship, large construction equipment industry.

  • Fireproof and heat insulation for Rail vehicle, vehicle transportation insulation parts

  • Can be processed into building fire-proof curtain, fireproof garment (covered aluminum), fireproof gloves, fireproof shoes, etc.

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Insulation Ceramic Fiber & Soluble Textiles

Bio-Soluble fiber rope/cloth/tap/yarnCeramic fiber rope/cloth/tap/yarn
Specification Temp. (℃)1260
Working Temp. (℃)500-6001100500-6001100
Bulk Density (kg/m3)500
Organic matter (%)    15
Moisture Content(%)1
Chemical Composition(%)SiO255-6551
Reinforced materialGlass FilamentStainless steel 304 Glass FilamentStainless steel 304
Note: Rope Dia size :(mm)6/10/12/20/25/32/38/50,  Rope Shape: Round Braided Rope& Twisted Rope &Square Braided Rope

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