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Product Details

Hard Fireclay bricks are alumina silicate bricks with the refractoriness of SK 32-34 and contain 35- 45% alumina. The bricks are made from various raw materials of fire clay, calcined chamotte, mullite etc . They are highly resistant to abrasion, spalling and corrosion. Because the bricks have low porosity, high strength, good resistance to thermal spalling and to abrasion and to creep, Jucos fireclay bricks are applied for the linings of Coke Ovens, Glass furnace, Cement Rotary Kilns, Lime Kilns,Various Incinerators, Reheating Furnaces etc.

Features Of Fireclay Brick

  • Good performance in high temp refractoriness under load

  • Lower thermal line expansion in high temp

  • Lower impurity content

  • Good thermal shock resistance performance

  • Excellent resistance in slag abrasion

  • Good cold crush strength

Applications Of Fireclay Brick

  • Reheating Furnace

  • Blast furnace

  • General Industrial Furnace etc.Blast Furnace

  • Coke Oven,Topedo Car

  • Cement Rotary kiln, Various Rotary kiln

  • Chemical Reactor, incinerator,  Non Ferreous, metal Furnace

  • Glass furnace

Specifications Of Fireclay Brick

  • Alumina contents range from 35% to 45%

  • Widely used throughout metallurgical industry

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Fireclay Brick

DN-12DN-14DN-17 SK-34SK-33SK-32 
Refractoriness (SK)353434343332
Apparent Porosity (%)131417232426
 Bulk Density (g/cm3)2.42.342.252.22.152
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)706550353020
Thermal Linear Expansion(%)   @ 1,000℃
Permanent Linear Change (%)  @ 1,400℃ x 2hrs ±0.1 ±0.2  ±0.2±0.3±0.5±0.5
Refractoriness under Load (℃)  @0.2MPa1,5001,4701,4301,3501,3001,250
 Chemical Al2O3454542403835
Composition (%)Fe2O31.31.51.722.23
Main Applications     - Reheating Furnace
     - Blast Furnace-Coke Oven,Torpedo Car
     - Cement Rotary kiln, Various Rotary Kiln
     - Chemical Reactor, Incinerator,  Non Ferrous, Metal Furnace
     - Glass Murnace-General Industrial Furnace etc.
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