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JUCOS Refractories > Monolithic Refractories > High Strength Castable Refractories
Product Details

The structure of particularly dense, high strength castables containing only a small amount of moisture, are formed, using special binder, following the theory of dispersion, peptization and coagulation of closely composed high strength castables.

This product which is minimizing alumina cement for using various dispersants and ultra fine powder so it has excellent abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, spalling resistance and chemical resistance . It widely used in part of various industrial furnace including incinerator, nonferrous metal furnace etc.

Features Of High Strength Castable Refractories

  • High refractoriness, High refractoriness under load

  • High density, low porosity

  • Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance

  • High strength and wear resistance

  • Good resistance to flake performance

  • Good thermal shock stability

  • Scouring resistance

  • Good hot strength

  • long service life

Applications Of High Strength Castable Refractories

It is widely used in key area of linings in metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, power plant, construction field and other industries. Especially  for the areas where easily worn and broken

Physical And Chemical Indicators For High Strength Castable Refractories

HCA-180 HCA-170 HCA-160 HCA-150 HCA-140 
Application Limit Temp℃1,8001,7001,6001,5001,400
Bulk Density (g/cm3)2.952.452.32.152.1
Water Required for Casting(%)8月11日10月14日10月14日11月15日11月15日
CCS/MOR(MPa)at110℃x24h 60(10)45(8.5)40(8)40(8)35(6)
at1,200℃x3h 55(9.5)50(9)45(8.5)50(9)40(8)
at1,400℃x3h 80(15)55(10)50(9)55(9.5)45(8.5)
Permanent Linear Change(%)at110℃x24h -0.03-0.06-0.06-0.06-0.06
at1,200℃x3h -0.1-0.2-0.2-0.15-0.15
at1,400℃x3h 0.4-0.3-0.2-0.3-0.4
   at 1,300℃
Chemical Analysis(%) Al2O39176635248

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