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Product Details

Low cement castable is the castable whose CaO content less than 3%, usually the refractory cement dosage is from 3-8%, but high grade cement is needed to ensure the strength of the castable. Comparing to common refractory castable, low cement castable has better performance in high temperature, and require less water, it makes the castable has lower porosity and higher density. We have three classifications for low cement castable, bauxite based ,mullite based and corundum based.

Features Of Low Cement Castable

  • High refractoriness, High refractoriness under load.

  • High density, low porosity.

  • Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • High strength and wear resistance.

  • Good resistance to flake performance.

  • Good thermal shock stability.

  • Scouring resistance

  • Good hot strength.

Applications Of Low Cement Castable

  • Cement rotary kiln

  • Reheating Furnace

  • EAF, Ladle, Tundish, etc.

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Low Cement Castable

Brand/Properties MLC-45MLC-55MLC-60LC-75LC-80LC-85LC-95
Application Limit Temp ℃1580160016501650170017501800
Bulk Density (g/cm3)
Water Required for Casting (%)5-75-75-77-97-96-86-7
Max grain size (mm)6666666
CCS/MOR (MPa)110℃x24h80/1290/12100/1365/970/1080/1190/13
1,400℃x3h120/14 130/14150/1580/1185/12100/13110/15
Chemical Analysis(%)Al2O345556075808595
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