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JUCOS Refractories > Shaped Refractories > Magnesia Carbon Brick, MgO-C Bricks
Product Details

MgO-C Bricks for steel industry products that have excellent spalling resistance, rust resistance. superior resistance to oxidation.It is used for electric furnace, the second ladle etc and is popular in steel-making industry.
Heat impact resistance is excellent because invasion of other ingredient is less and it has high peeling resistance, high thermal conduction quality. Also it does not easily wet with slag, metal and has low ventilation rate.

Features Of Magnesia Carbon Brick

  • Excellent resistance in slag abrasion

  • Higher temperate resistant with good refractoriness

  • lower creep in high temp.

  • Good thermal shock resistance performance

  • Lower apparent porosity

  • not easily wet with slag

Applications Of Magnesia Carbon Brick

  • EAF(Electrick arc furnace)

  • Ladle

  • Basic oxygen furnace

Specifications Of Magnesia Carbon Brick

  • MgO and carbon content range from 84% to 90%

  • Widely used throughout metallurgical industry

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Magnesia Carbon Brick

Chemical Properties (%)Physical PropertiesMain Application
MgOFCAl2O3AP (%)BD (g/cm3)CCS (MPa)HMOR (1400ºCX0.5hr)
LF 8 BI908243458Bottom Impact
LF 8 BN908243456Bottom Non Impact
LF 10 BC8810243458Bottom Conical/Splash Pad
LF 12 MP8612243.054510Metal Zone Purging
LF 12 MN8612253.05406Metal Zone Non Purging
LF 14 SP8414233.14010Slag Zone Purging
LF 14 SN8414233.1408Slag Zone Non Purging
LF 13 FB8513253406Free Board
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