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JUCOS Refractories > Shaped Refractories > Magnesia Dolomite Brick
Product Details

Magnesia Dolomite brick are made from qualified magnesite and dolomite as the raw materials that are processed through secondary-burning (calcinations, fine grinding, briquetting, dead burned). The MGO/CaO ratio is taken as the kind of Mag-dolomite brick or unshaped monolithics in accordance with customers requirement. Pitch or paraffin impregnation pressed by vacuum is needed after burned under high temperature. They have the features of high temperature performance and resistance to slag and widely used in the secondary refining vessels as VOD, AOD; permanent linings or bottom of converter; ladle and also the cement kiln.

Features Of Magnesia Dolomite Brick

  • Good thermal shock resistance performance

  • Excellent resistance in slag abrasion

  • Good cold crush strength

  • Higher temperate resistant with good refractoriness

  • low creep and better flaking resistant.Good

Applications Of Magnesia Dolomite Brick

Mainly used for steel refining furnaces like AOD,VOD furnace

Specifications Of Magnesia Dolomite Brick

  • Mgo and CaO content

  • Widely used throughout steel refining furnaces like AOD,VOD furnace

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Magnesia Dolomite Brick

Bulk Density (g/cm3)
Apparent Porosity (%)1312121313
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)8090808080
Permanent Linear Change (%)@ 1,500℃ x 2hrs---0.35---0.61--
Refractoriness Under Load (℃) @0.2MPa17001700170017001700
Chemical Composition (%)MgO80.376.370.366.356.3
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