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JUCOS Refractories > Shaped Refractories > Magnesia Hercynite Brick
Product Details

the magnesia hercynite brick was prepared with hercynite as raw materials. The application results showed that the kiln coating formed rapidly and stability when using magnesia-hercynite brick. The magnesia-hercynite brick had low thermal conductivity and long service life, and its overall performance was better than magnesia-chrome brick. The magnesia-hercynite brick could satisfy the chrome free requirement of burning zone of large-scale rotary kiln.

Physical And Chemical Indicators

 MH brick 
Application Limit Temp. 1790
Bulk Density (g/cm3)2.95
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)45
Thermal Shock Resistance at 1,100℃ Water cooling6
Refractoriness under Load (0.2MPa,T2℃)1680
 Chemical MgO80
Composition (%) Al2O34
 Main Applications - burning zone in rotary kiln
- transition zone in rotary kiln
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