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JUCOS Refractories > Shaped Refractories > Porous plug & Seat well block
Product Details

Ladle Porous Plug can be made of a slit type which is composed of a permeable core, a seat brick and a high quality fire mud, The main quality of the porous plug and Seat well block are chrome-corundum and corundum-spinel. Adopting tabular alumina, emery, chromium oxide green and magnesium alumina spinel as main raw materials, using cement as binder to produce directional slit porous plug, which has the advantages of structural stability, high air permeability, strong corrosion resistant and long service life etc. Due to the heat-replaceable replacement of the venting core, it is flexible in use and can be used in various refining conditions. It can be applied to the bottom argon blowing process of steel mill LF, LF-VD, CAS-OB refined ladle and continuous casting ordinary ladle.

Features Of Porous plug & Seat well block

  • Good thermal shock property;

  • Anti-erosion, and impermeable;

  • Higher purging rate;

  • Longer service life;

  • Higher safety level;

  • Less pollution.

Applications Of Porous plug & Seat well block

steel ladle,refining ladle,electric furnace refining ladle

Specifications Of Porous plug & Seat well block

  • Alumina contents range from 90% to 94%

  • Widely used throughout metallurgical industry

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Porous plug & Seat well block

Porous plugSeat well block
 Bulk Density (g/cm3)33.133.1
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)9010090100
Thermal Shock Resistance
         water cool(times)
Modulus of Rupture(MPa)17201720
 Air permeability (N/min)0.2-1.0MPa200-650200-650200-650200-650
ChemicalComposition (%)Al2O390-9290-9290-9290-92
Main ApplicationsSteel and Iron ladle
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