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JUCOS Refractories > Preheating Insulation Material > Rockwool Board & Blanket
Product Details

Rock wool products is base on superior melted basalt as the main raw material, through centrifuge system of four-roller cotton process which pulls melted basaltic rockwool into a 4 ~ 7μm non continuous fibers followed by adding a certain amount of binder, dust laying oil, water repellent before settlement folding, curing, cutting and other processes, and then made into the products of different density depending on purpose of usage like blanket or board or pipe etc shapes,meanwhile it can be non-faced or faced with wire mesh. This material using in construction, Petroleum, electric power, chemical industry equipment's thermal insulation and Building partition wall, curtain wall, roof and building envelope thermal insulation.

Features Of Rockwool Board & Blanket

  • Excellent fiber strength, low shot content and excellent heat presentation.

  • High hydrophobic fate, low moisture absorption rate.

  • High porosity enables the rock wool products has good sound absorption.

  • Fireproof and excellent thermal insulation.

Applications Of Rockwool Board & Blanket

  • Power equipment

  • Industrial furnace

  • Oven, heat treatment equipmen

  • Petrochemical equipment, oil tank

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Rockwool Board & Blanket

BulkDensity (kg/m3)60-200 
  Shot Content (particle dia≥0.25mm)%≤12.0
 Fiber Mean Value(µm)≤7.0
  Allowable Density tolerance(%)15
 Thermal Conductivity (w/m.k)(70°C±52°C) ≤0.044
  Water Content (%) ≤0.5
  CombustibilityA grade nonflammable
  Organic Content (%)≤4.0
 Hydrophobicity (%) ≥98
  Water Absorption (%) ≤5
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