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Product Details

Silica brick is made of silicon as raw material with high temp firing ,which silicon oxide is above93% ,used in hot blast furnace,coke oven,glass kiln,these brick have good volume stability at high temperature,  high refractoriness under the load,small rate of shrinkage in working condition.


Features Of Silica Brick

  • Lower impurity content

  • Excellent resistance in slag abrasion

  • No shrink in burn repeatedly

  • Super higher cold crush strength character

  • Good performance in high temp refractoriness under load

  • Higher temperate resistant with good refractoriness

Applications Of Silica Brick

  • Hot-blast furnace

  • Coke oven

  • Glass kiln

Specifications Of Silica Brick

  • Silica contents range from 94% to 96%

  • Widely used throughout Hot-blast furnace .coke oven.Glass kiln

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Silica Brick

Chemical Composition (%) SiO2≥96≥95≥94
      Apparent Porosity (%)≤22≤22≤22
    True Density (g/cm3)≤2.34≤2.35≤2.35
    Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)≥30≥30≥30
 @0.2MPaRefractoriness Under Load (℃)≥1660≥1650≥1640
Main Applications

   Hot-blast furnace
   Coke oven
   Glass kiln

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