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JUCOS Refractories > Shaped Refractories > Stainless Steel Anchor
Product Details

Refractory anchor is a kind of structure which joint and fix between the ceramic fiber products, refractory fire brick, monolithic refractory with the kiln metal wall plate. According to the kiln structure, furnace temperature and atmosphere, we should select and use different structures and materials anchors.

Features Of Stainless Steel Anchor

  • Wide temperature range,from800C to 1400C

  • Various shapes

  • Reasonable structure

  • Firm, reliable anchor

  • Install easily and quickly

Applications Of Stainless Steel Anchor

  • Fix ceramic fiber modules and folded modules

  • Fix all kinds of refractory brick,cement and castable

  • Anchor fiber flame plating

  • Fix and joint high temperature board and installation

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Stainless Steel Anchor

Product TypeAnchor Products
Classification Temperature(°C )
NamePin,Washer,Insultwist Stud,Anchor Bolt
Application Temperature (°C)
Technical CriteriaOCr18Ni9Cr25Ni20
PackingWooden Box
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