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JUCOS Refractories > Shaped Refractories > Tundish Stopper & Ladle Shroud
Product Details

Tundish stopper is one of the important steel flow regulation components, stoppers are designed to cope with the extreme thermal shock lining when regulating the molten steel flowing into the mould. The head of our stoppers is specially engineered to withstand erosion by molten steel. The slagline is also strong enough to withstand possible chemical corrosion caused by tundish immersion. we apply different mixtures of aluminia or magnesia to the head of our stoppers to enabling them to cast various types of steel.
Ladle shrouds are used as a tube for flow of molten steel from steel ladle to tundish. They stabilize molten-steel streams and protect molten steel from splashing and being oxidized. This product is pressed refractory functional part, which features superior thermal shock resistance, slag erosion resistance, wear resistance, easy to be installed and free of preheating, which will greatly improve the working conditions .

Features Of Tundish Stopper & Ladle Shroud

  • Argon injection structure depending on customer specifications.

  • Ceramic glaze layer to prevent the material oxidation effectively.

  • Ceramic fiber blanket to prevent heat lost during casting.

  • High quality AL-C materials having high corrosion and thermal shock resistance.

  • High quality Zr-based composite to provide high corrosion resistance at the slag line.

  • Non-graphite based materials to meet the requirements of producing low carbon steel, silicon steel and high purity steel

Applications Of Tundish Stopper & Ladle Shroud

  • steel ladle,refining ladle,electric furnace refining ladle,tundish

Physical And Chemical Indicators For Tundish Stopper & Ladle Shroud

Tundish StopperLadle Shroud
BodySlag LineHeadBodySlag LineHead
Chemical Composition (%)Al2O353.28--86.6171.4315.161.02--38
SiO214.48--0.7710.658.9512.8    --22.47
LOI (%)30.5915.0111.1110.9517.323.2815.0134.52
 Bulk Density (g/cm3)2.423.782.852.782.592.573.782.2
 Apparent Porosity (%)14.315.6117.717.716.715.6715.6114.67
Fracture Strength (MPa)8.46.976.736.737.86.96.975.32
 Main ApplicationLadle & Tundish
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